Supervision and Predictive Maintenance

The company employs naval architects, mechanical, electrical and technical experts for thesupervision of maintenance works of facilities and machinery.

In marine our technicians follow the customer during the periodic visits of class and during planned downtime.

Termographic Analysis

The Thermographic analysis, carried out with the latest technology from specialized technicians and certified Bureau Veritas - UNI EN ISO 473-971, allow to get a diagnosis on the integrity of the system or the structure examined.

Vibration Analysis

The technical analysts at second level ISO 18436-2: 2003, taking advantage of a high resolution vibro scanner fail to provide an accurate diagnosis on the status and function of the kinematic in rotating machines.

Power quality analysis

With the help of modern technology we can offer our customers detailed energy analysis, as well as providing details of the economic costs of energy losses, as well as a detailed analysis of electric motors and batteries.

Ultrasonic Analysis

Through analysis of the sounds generated by mechanical or electrical equipment, at high frequencies, it is possible to monitor the parties and diagnose problems in them.

Applied to the industrial and marine sectors, this analysis allows you to track:

Motor Analyzer - Motor Tester

Through a Motor Analyzer, our skilled technicians can perform an accurate analysis of the electric motors through establishing various tests that can determine the causes inefficiency.

Remote patrol of areas by Drone

With the help of a Drone, we can make the control and verification of areas of interest, being able to reach sites inaccessible human.