Power Quality Analysis and Machine Control

Power quality analysis

With the help of modern technology we can offer our customers detailed energy analysis, as well as providing details of the economic costs of energy losses, as well as a detailed analysis of electric motors and batteries.

We can identify, predict and prevent power quality problems in power distribution systems with three-phase and single-phase addition to identifying the origin of the energy losses in a system.

Traditionally, the energy saving is achieved by monitoring and the realization of the objectives set for the gaming system, or in other words, finding the points of greatest load in a facility and optimizing their operation. In this way the cost of energy efficiency could be quantified only in terms of downtime due to loss of production and damage to electrical equipment.

We can quantify the economic losses going to discover the source of the inefficiency of the system and how much energy this inefficiency costs, in economic terms, through complex analysis of the energy consumption of the entire plant. We analyze it any wastage due to imbalance within the systems or the presence of harmonics currents.

In terrestrial area in addition to electric motors and battery packs the Power Quality Analysis can provide information concerning the ineffectiveness of industrial electrical energy and civil electrical installations as well.

The result of our analysis allows to assess any interventions on it.