Supervision and Predictive Maintenance

Supervision and Predictive Maintenance

The company employs naval architects, mechanical, electrical and technical experts for thesupervision of maintenance works of facilities and machinery.

In marine our technicians follow the customer during the periodic visits of class and during planned downtime.

In support to the planned maintenance, our certified technicians can intervene through Predictive Maintenance on the systems and their components using thermographic analysis, controls vibration and ultrasound investigations.

An infrared image that integrates accurate temperature data provides crucial information about the technical condition of the facilities and equipment. Vibration analysis provides details about alignments, for any problems with kinematic apparatus. Through ultrasound our technicians are able to identify loss of seal and defects about  kinematic mechanisms of the machinery.

The predictive analysis of machines and machinery avoid unexpected accidents and then break down the costs. It also helps to improve the quality of production as the end products, and in some areas this analysis allows for a sharp reduction in insurance costs and operating costs.